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How to fix the YouTube "brand account" issue
Last Updated 3 years ago


When trying to access YouTube, you see a web page like shown below:

NOTE: A Brand Account is often created if you create your own YouTube Channnel.

How to resolve:

  1. Since the account integration in Chrome may interfere with this process, you should follow these steps through Firefox. Open the Firefox icon on your desktop.
  2. From within Firefox, open and sign in with your account.
  3. You will see the notice screen again. Scroll down and click on the link that says "YouTube channel switcher". It may prompt you to sign again.
  4. On the screen that lists the channels, select the one that shows your email address. You will then see YouTube, but additional steps are needed for it to remember this setting.
  5. Click on your user icon at the top-right corner of YouTube, then click "Switch account".
  6. Click on your name
  7. Once again, click on your user icon at the top-right corner of YouTube. This time click "Sign out"
  8. The problem should now be resolved. When you access YouTube through the Chrome browser, it should open correctly.

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