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How do I configure the speed dial buttons on my phone?
Last Updated a year ago

The easiest way to configure the phone’s speed dial buttons is to use the web interface.  Logon to with your extension number and password.  You would have received the original password in a welcome email.  After you logon, open: Settings > BLF Settings (“BLF” stands for “busy lamp field”)

If you are adding a speed dial entry for an internal extension, it would be best to select “BLF” as the entry type, and then select the extension. This way, the phone will indicate whether or not that person is busy.

If you are adding a speed dial entry for an external number, you should select “Custom Speed Dial” for the entry type and then type the phone number the same way that you would dial it (starting with a “9”).

The phone can hold several pages of speed dial entries, so you can add more entries as needed. These changes are not sent to the phone immediately. The phone will get the changes the next time it restarts. To restart the phone yourself, press "Menu" and use the arrow buttons to select "Basic".  Then scroll to the bottom and select "Reboot System".

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