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3. Monitor settings for Intel Graphic Card
Last Updated 2 years ago

The steps below will show you how to control which displays are used on computers with Intel graphics. Many of the new computers can connect to three displays, but only output to two at once. You can select which two displays to use, and whether to clone both or use the second display as an extended desktop.

To access these settings:

1. Right-click an empty area of the desktop and click "Intel Graphics Settings":


2. In the window that opens, click "Display", which is circled in red below. The appearance of the window may look slightly different depending on the driver version:


3. In the next screen, click "Multiple Displays", which is circled in red below:


4. The next screen lets you manage the displays.


You can choose one of the following display modes:

  • Single Display - Display to only one screen
  • Clone Displays - Two screens will show the same contents
  • Extend Desktop - Two screens show two separate desktops. You can move apps from one screen to another

Below that, you can select which displays to use. The names of the displays may be different depending on the type of displays that you have. In this example, there are three choices:

  • Digital Display - This is a projector
  • Digital Television LG TV - This is a television
  • Digital Display2 V223W - This is the computer monitor. It should always be the first choice.

When you have selected the two displays that you want to use, click "Apply". In the message below, click "Yes" within 15 seconds to confirm the change:


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