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How to Enroll a Chromebook - For Media Specialists
Last Updated 3 years ago

Here are the instructions for enrolling a Chromebook after it has been powerwashed or when it comes back from being repaired.

1. Plug the USB to Ethernet adapter into the Chromebook and wait for Ethernet to appear under "Select a network." Click on Continue and then on Accept and Continue.

2. If Enterprise Enrollment does not show up on the next screen, press CTRL, ALT, E at the same time.

3. Log in with any student account.

4. On the next screen, if the information is not already filled in, type in the school initials and cart number (i.e. WBE Cart 7 for the "Device location" and the tech sticker number for the "Asset identifier" (including the TECH)

5. Click on Next and Done.

6. Unplug the adapter and make sure the Chromebook is connected to DCBOE-1.

*Remember to choose the Domain for iStation after powerwashing a Chromebook (see knowledgebase for instructions)

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