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My Brother Printer is showing Drum Error
Last Updated 4 years ago

The error message "Change Drum Soon/Drum end soon" will continue to appear if the drum counter was not reset when you replace the drum unit. To clear this error message, you need to reset the drum counter as instructed below.

1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

2. Open the front cover

3. Press Options or Press Clear or Clear/Back on the control panel. If your Brother machine has a numeric keypad: Press 1 to reset the drum counter. If your Brother machine doesn't have a numeric keypad: Press the Up Arrow Key to reset the drum counter.

4.When the LCD shows Accepted, close the front cover.

5.Your drum is now reset.

Resetting the drum unit will not improve print quality. It only resets your drum and allows you to continue to print. You decide when to replace the drum unit not the manufacturer!

NOTE: If this does not match your printer, you can do a Google search and list your model of printer Drum Error.

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