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How do I search the internal phone directory?
Last Updated a year ago

There are two ways to search for people in the directory. One way is to search from the phone and another way is to search from the computer.

Search from the phone

  1. Press the button for the screen menu option that says “Contact”
  2. Press “Search”
  3. Begin typing with the number pad. As you type, you will see the search results on the screen.

To type with the number pad, press a number button several times to cycle through its letters. If you pause for more than a second, it will stop cycling through the letters for that button and the cursor will advance to the next character.

Search from the computer

Open and sign in if you have not already done so.

The first page that opens is the directory, and the cursor is waiting in the search box. You can begin typing to narrow the listing.

You can either call the person through the computer, or have the web interface control your desk phone. That depends on what is selected at the top-right of the page.


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